Superstar Tutoring

As an experienced and professional tutor, I can help your child get superior results with a range of schoolwork and testing! I can tutor your child in a single subject, or cover multiple subjects; We can work on organization, planning, follow-through and accountability; I can help students learn to study effectively for tests, whether in the classroom or for standardized tests such as the S.A.T. and A.C.T.; and more!

“His math grade jumped from a D to an A! Susan’s a godsend.” - satisfied Mom of a sophomore at Mater Dei
 “It made me smarter!” - 7th grader at OCHSA
“I LOVE my lessons with Susan!” - 4th grader at Newport Coast Elementary

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“My English is GREAT now. I feel more confident thanks to Susan.” - adult ESL student in Newport Coast


  1. * Homework Assistance * School Projects *  Test and Finals Preparation

  2. * Organization * Planning * Accountability * Study Skills

  3. * S.A.T., A.C.T and other Scholastic Tests * Exam Preparation

  4. * G.A.T.E. * Homeschool * RSP * 504 * Learning Difficulties

  5. * A.P. & Honors Courses  * College Essays

  6. * Private Lessons in your home, year round - including Summer Session!

English as a Second Language: (All Ages)

  1. *English language instruction for school, testing, conversation

   and business

School Subjects: College

* Please inquire about specific subjects

School Subjects: K - 12

* Elementary Level (All Core Subjects):

    Math * Science * Social Studies * Reading * Writing

* Intermediate Level (All Core Subjects):

    Math * Algebra * Science * Social Studies * English

* High School Level (Including Honors & AP):


    * English Comp Lit (All Levels)



    * Earth Science * Biology


    * Algebra * Geometry     


    * US History * European History * American Democracy   

    Social Science:

    * Sociology * Psychology * Geography     


    * Art History * Photography     

    and More!